Friday, 9 May 2014

S12E06 - The Results Are In...

The cake and bourbon show is upon us again.  Our 72nd episode can be heard right here.

In this week's show, we take a look at Sir Bill Jeffrey's review of independent criminal advocacy in England and Wales.  It may be reopening an old front in the war between barristers and HCAs but the conclusions give considerable grounds for taking stock of the effects of all the reforms over the last 10 years.  They also present a potentially chilling view of the future for anyone who fears change.  Find the full report in the links below - along with the responses by the Bar Council and Law Society.

The Land Registry might be next in terms of selling the family silver - at the very least, there are problems with the reform plans for the Keepers of the Plans.

A pretty important costs case which confirms that the CPS and police cannot just blame each other to avoid costs orders and, more importantly, SNAFU is not a defence and neither is simple mistake.  You're going to want to bookmark this one.  The link is polite.

We also take a quick scoot the rest of this week's legal news and a couple of other cases.  Take a listen and find the links below.

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The review of independent criminal advocacy in England and Wales by Sir Bill Jeffrey has been published.
Bar Council response:
Law Society response:

Land Registry

R (ex. p. Singh v Ealing Mags and CPS)

4 in 10 lawyers suggest you look elsewhere for a career… but who was asked? 

Biometric data and crime report case:

Prison Governors’ Association say it’s getting to “tipping point” as Grayling carries on regardless.

Apple v Samsung - the results are in.  Kinda:

Johnny Foreigner to be denied legal aid by Lord Chancellor - but is he relying on nonsense figures?  Never!  (But even the press can’t decide if it’s £3m or £10m):
Or a more balanced piece from the Daily Mail (!?!?)

A bit of fun: Personal Injury and the ambulance-chasers of yesteryear.  Aviva’s archives of claims reveal that we were a compo-culture country long before the Yanks got involved!

That’s a wrap for series 12


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