Thursday, 25 July 2013

S09E01 - "Oh you can tell by the way I use my walk..."

Welcome back!  You can listen here.

Last series it was Jonathan Holt in a cell in Thailand.  This series it's Ben Knight involved in diamond smuggling - honestly is there only me left as a law abiding legal type?

We kick the series off with the topic of gait identification - if it walks like a duck is apparently enough now.  We talk about why a podiatrist is likely to qualify as an expert and give practical tips on how you challenge the evidence if you have to

We also have a bit of a row about children and pornography and what can and ought to be done to prevent them viewing it.  This is in light of government proposals leaked to the BBC to have the parental controls "default on."

In other news: the effects of cuts on the listing system and a big, "well done to Serco and G4S" for allegedly providing Chris Grayling with a real cost saving scheme.  They can just stop over-charging him according to the Lord Chancellor.

Congratulations to Tony Cross QC who will be the 1st Chair of the Criminal Bar Association to not come from a London Set and to Alison Saunders who will be the 1st DPP to be selected from the CPS's own ranks.

NorthPod Law.  It's all about firsts.

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