Friday, 2 May 2014

S12E05 - The Schadenfreude of Rampant State Failure

It's NorthPod Law 4 - MoJ and the Home Office 0 as (oh dear) Kirstin Beswick and Jonathan Holt have a lot of fun at the expense of those two ministries - you can Listen Here.

First up is the total collapse of a five-handed serious fraud involving the exploitation of members of the public, including rather vulnerable people. And why? Well, because as the MoJ has discovered that if you pay peanuts, sometimes you can't even get monkeys.

It doesn't help does it, Mr Grayling, when it's the Prime Minister's brother who's making the application...and doing it for free.

Next, Jonathan reports a bit more Lord Chancellor-bashing courtesy of the Joint Committee on Human Rights.  It's not just left-wingers saying you're wrong, Mr G. Who'd have thought?

Then, more fun for Jonathan as he looks at a case where the Home Office sought to bolster its position and thus handed the applicant the weapons with which to successfully fight.

And finally the Secretary of State learns what the term "no cogent reason" actually means. Listeners may think the clue is in the words.


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