Friday, 24 May 2013

S08E06 - Marches and Meetings

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The usual up-beat mood of the end of term episode is somewhat lost this series as the MoJ proposals hang over the immediate future of the Criminal Law Professions and over the medium term future of the rest of the Legal System.

This week the team go a-roving as 400 Lawyers take to the streets of Manchester to protest over the cuts to Legal Aid.  The March was organised by Parents for Real Justice in response to Chris Grayling's proposals.

On the same day, in Manchester and Liverpool, the MoJ held roadshows to put the Government's point of view to the professions and members of the general public. Jonathan Holt was dispatched to cover the Manchester version.  Speakers making points against included solicitor Robert Lizar and Pete Weatherby QC.

And finally we travelled South into the Big Smoke to witness the funeral of Lady Justice and to attend her wake at the Justice for Sale meeting in Westminster.  Thanks to the CLSA for providing us with part one of the soundtrack to the meeting - hoping part 2 is in the post as promised.

There should be a further show just to complete the highlights but in case part 2 is lost in the post you can find the unedited recording of the meeting on the CLSA website (as soon as they post it).

See you in 6 weeks, but keep an eye out on this site or on (the) twitter in case of specials.


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