Friday, 27 June 2014

S13E01 - Let's Look At That Again

We are back for Series 13 (!) of the podcast and we are raring to go with some law this week.  Many thanks to the good folks at UK Criminal Law Blog Podcast and thanks again to Lyndon Harris for having both Kirstin and Ben on this series.  

As always, you can hear this week's show by clicking here.

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And now, on with the show notes:

When can the Attorney-General have the CA review a sentence?

We often talk of defence appeals but if the AG thinks that a sentence is passed he can refer it to the CA (with leave) but only in some cases.  

Recent addition? - CJA 1988 (Reviews of Sentencing)(Amendments) Order 2014 {IN FORCE 21st July but laid before Parliament today}

Thoughts on why we have that system? Is it only sentences or can the Crown have another pop at conviction when they fail the first time?

Why only certain offences?

Searching questions

Experts and their duties
The BBC’s Panorama recently covered the behaviour of expert witnesses to criminal proceedings.


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