Tuesday, 28 May 2013

S08 E06.02 - Marches and Meeetings Part 2

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As promised, here is the 2nd part of our coverage from the Justice for Sale meeting in Westminster last week.  We hope it inspires you to put pen to paper and to respond to the consultation paper.  It doesn't matter whether or not you are a lawyer - this effects everyone.

If you want to listen to the edited speeches in full or to hear the wonderful questions and answers session, including an especial emphasis on Wales then you can do so at the CLSA website.  Many thanks again to them for providing us with the raw audio.

See you in 6 weeks!

p.s. - sorry about the slightly odd ending and the reference to Jo Sidhu as John Sidhu.  It was a late night.

Friday, 24 May 2013

S08E06 - Marches and Meetings

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The usual up-beat mood of the end of term episode is somewhat lost this series as the MoJ proposals hang over the immediate future of the Criminal Law Professions and over the medium term future of the rest of the Legal System.

This week the team go a-roving as 400 Lawyers take to the streets of Manchester to protest over the cuts to Legal Aid.  The March was organised by Parents for Real Justice in response to Chris Grayling's proposals.

On the same day, in Manchester and Liverpool, the MoJ held roadshows to put the Government's point of view to the professions and members of the general public. Jonathan Holt was dispatched to cover the Manchester version.  Speakers making points against included solicitor Robert Lizar and Pete Weatherby QC.

And finally we travelled South into the Big Smoke to witness the funeral of Lady Justice and to attend her wake at the Justice for Sale meeting in Westminster.  Thanks to the CLSA for providing us with part one of the soundtrack to the meeting - hoping part 2 is in the post as promised.

There should be a further show just to complete the highlights but in case part 2 is lost in the post you can find the unedited recording of the meeting on the CLSA website (as soon as they post it).

See you in 6 weeks, but keep an eye out on this site or on (the) twitter in case of specials.

Friday, 17 May 2013

S08E05 - Legally Speaking

On this week's show, we look into the use of interpreters in courts and police stations and find out why a Ministry of Justice contract with Applied Language Solutions Ltd (now known as Capita Translation and Interpreting Ltd) is causing concern for interpreters, courts and parties to proceedings.
We speak with Mirela Watson, a Romanian interpreter with over a decade of experience and qualifications, about what is wrong with the present system and where the dangers lie.
If you want to read the BBC article about the Snaresbrook case, it is here.
The Court of Appeal decision referred to is here.
The place to register your concerns about cases such as those discussed is here.
We will bring you Capita's response in next week's show, if we receive comment.
The "Justice for Sale" meeting in London on 22nd May 2013 is now sold out.  That's more than 1,100 people and a significant press following.  We will be covering the event (all things being equal!).  The press release from the CLSA, confirming the sell-out, is here.
There are some clues as to the details of some of the Home Secretary's plans for criminal justice, following her address at the Police Federation conference in Bournemouth.  The M.E.N. also had this to say.
We have what might be the last Abu Qatada update from Jonathan Holt.
We all do some agreeing with the Home Secretary about a couple of things.  Don't worry; normal service will be resumed by next week.
In next week's show, coverage of the London "Justice For Sale" event and the protest demo in Manchester. And maybe some cake and bourbon.

Friday, 10 May 2013

S08E04 - The Queen's Speech

Here's the show

It's all a bit political this week as Ben and Kirstin and regular contributor Jonathan Holt discuss what the Queen's Speech contained for Lawyers.

Jonathan worries about the implications of the proposed immigration bill.  Ben worries about the implications of the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill and Kirstin just worries...

Thanks to the BBC for the easy-reading summary, saving us from producing one - our listeners can find it with it's helpful extra links... here.

Friday, 3 May 2013

S08E03 - The Big Round-Up

Here's the show.

On this week's show, we are back in our little group of three and all actually recording the show together for the first time this series.

As we have been rather preoccupied with matters of legal aid and criminal law, we thought we have a bit of immigration and a bit of civil law this week. Oh, and a little about legal aid and crime.

KB looks at an interesting case in the Court of Protection.

BK considers the implications of the Bash a Burglar law otherwise known as s.43 Crime and Courts Act 2013

JH gives us an update on the ongoing love affair between Theresa May and Abu Qatada and considers whether May's threat to temporary withdraw from the ECHR was even possible.  Clue: It was.  His further reading for you includes the Treaty between UK and Jordan.

All of that plus a bit of contributory negligence and a spat between the Legal Aid Agency and the High Court in a family case.

We think that'll do you until next week so, here's the show.

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