Friday, 3 May 2013

S08E03 - The Big Round-Up

Here's the show.

On this week's show, we are back in our little group of three and all actually recording the show together for the first time this series.

As we have been rather preoccupied with matters of legal aid and criminal law, we thought we have a bit of immigration and a bit of civil law this week. Oh, and a little about legal aid and crime.

KB looks at an interesting case in the Court of Protection.

BK considers the implications of the Bash a Burglar law otherwise known as s.43 Crime and Courts Act 2013

JH gives us an update on the ongoing love affair between Theresa May and Abu Qatada and considers whether May's threat to temporary withdraw from the ECHR was even possible.  Clue: It was.  His further reading for you includes the Treaty between UK and Jordan.

All of that plus a bit of contributory negligence and a spat between the Legal Aid Agency and the High Court in a family case.

We think that'll do you until next week so, here's the show.


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