Friday, 15 February 2013

S07E05 - Mags, Bads and Dangerous to Know

This week we are without Ben clearly one worth listening to!

Kirstin soldiers on with the inestimable Jonathan Holt in support as we bring you a profusion of case law.

First up is the news that 4 people have gone to gaol in connection with the tragic death of Baljinder Gill who was innocently caught up in a staged road traffic accident - surprisingly the 1st case of it’s kind.

Then we cover 2 cases involving drink-driving.  When is a public place not a public place and do the Magistrates have to say why?  And can the Magistrates change their minds about the verdict they’ve given after trial but apparently before they’ve thought about the evidence or point of law the case rests upon?

The decision in the Edexcel/Ofqual fiasco of different grades for the same marks at GCSE is looked at and Kirstin explains why the High Court came to the conclusion that nothing should be done.

And finally a case which clearly demonstrates the old warning to be careful what you wish for - especially when what you wish for is a good character direction - this one’s good enough to sink any defendant.

We wish Ben a speedy recovery and hope for his return next week - although it’s been ever so much easier and quieter just recently.....

  1. Gaol for crash 4 cash death case.
  2. Cowan v Director of Public Prosecutions - Was there enough evidence on Public Place?
  3. DPP v Gautam Chajed - Cannot change verdict under s.142 MCA 1980
  4. Ofqual, Edexcel, AQA not at fault
  5. R v Kevin Marlon Dillon - With good character directions like these...

(Ed - cough, cough. They still need me to do the technical stuff and blah...blah..blah... And Kirstin thinks this is "Episode 7 Episode 5" for some reason. Ben)


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