Thursday, 21 February 2013

S07E06 - Cake and Sex

It’s the cake and er... sex as the series ends with a fabulous interview with Felicity Gerry.  She talks to Ben about sex trials, anonymity of defendants accused of rape, cross-examination of witnesses in sex trials and other related issues.

This week also saw a meeting on the Northern Circuit about the future of the Bar - and the threats to it.  As a result, all members of Circuit will be balloted over QASA.  Kirstin tells us what the questions will be and we discuss the apparent feeling on other circuits.

Then we have our second review of Blackstone’s Criminal Practice 2013 in electronic format.  Is it still very nearly the Bee’s knees?  Have any or all of the niggles we had last time been resolved?

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Find the show right here.

Felicity Gerry
Blackstone’s Criminal Practice


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