Thursday, 7 February 2013

S07E04 - All about IP

This week we bring you an Intellectual Property special. Everything you wanted to know about IP but were afraid to ask!  

Ben talks to Jane Lambert, a barrister and blogger specialising in IP. What is IP and why are we hearing so much about it in the news these days? How do you secure it? What do you do when somebody infringes your IP rights? Also, we hear an insight into a rather innovative approach to securing assets that appear to be the fruits of your IP, even if rather indirectly!

In other news...

The French have decided that it is time to let women join the modern world. No. Seriously.

Summary Justice gone too far?  A rather spectacular headline that masks a rather tragic story.  "Woman shot dead for shoplifting at Walmart"

Listen to the show right here.


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