Thursday, 30 January 2014

S11E04 - Of Interest to the Public

Ben and Jonathan get to grips with some matters of public importance this week's show

First up is a look at the guidance (in force from February 2014) on the publication of decisions of the family courts and the Court of Protection.  There are some interesting questions raised about how this is going to work and who is paying for it.  

Either way, you'll have to know about this if you work in either of these areas of law and the public may well find the reality of these cases far more challenging than the abstract way in which they are reported at present.

We move on to the case of the "Iceland Three".  This story was all over social media this week.  This was the case of three men who faced prosecution for taking food from a skip at a London branch of London.  There was outrage and a change in CPS approach but, once you factor-in other information that appeared in later reports, did the CPS make the right call or were they duped by the publicity?

Then onto our favourite [redacted for legal purposes], Theresa May.  She has been calling for some powers that, if they were to be used against convicted terrorists, you might think were pretty obvious, but that's not quite what she wants.  We look at the terrible misreporting of this case by almost all UK media.  There is some very scary devil in the detail and Ben issues a personal thanks to his MP, Hazel Blears, for being one of the 297 MPs who played politics with something the UN think is fundamental to a person's very being.

As always, there is stuff that we didn't get to this week.  Please see the show notes below for the links to those stories and for all of the articles for the above.

We'll be back next week when hopefully Kirstin will be back with us and Mr Kipling will have sent us some cake.  Or Iceland might have sent us a prawn ring.  Let's hope it's the former.

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- The public will get to peer at the decisions of the Family courts and the Court of Protection under the new transparency guidance.
- Skipping case - in the public interest until the public gets interested.
CPS decision (as reported in Indie) PLUS the shades of grey appear:
Iceland 2nd statement:
- Theresa May and the race to the bottom on Immigration toughness leads to 11th-hour amendment to bill to include right to strip naturalised Brits of their nationality.
What does ILPA say? They say not within scope.
Not just “terrorism suspects” or “terrorists” at all.  Read the section (at page 1651):
Actual reasons for Home Sec simply to be satisfied of are:
Home Sec satisfied that it is conducive to the public good because that person has conducted himself in such a manner that is seriously prejudicial to the vital interests of the UK.  
AND if it’s a decision taken
then there will be no public information as to why the decision has been made and there will be no right of appeal.
Not just May, of course.  100 MPs support this, including Hazel Blears.
Further reading/”No time for” stories
- 17 y.o. death at YOI Wetherby
- Even those terps who scabbed and went to work for Capita are now calling for a boycott.  This is because Capita has finally scrapped Tier 2/3 terps and so the power is now in the hands of the Tier 1s.
Premier League IP case:
But, in Feb 2012


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