Friday, 10 January 2014

S11E01 - The Truth vs A Good Story

Welcome to Series 11 of Northpod Law.

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This week, we talk about the statistics on sentencing and how most of what you hear about them is nonsense.  We say "told ya so" about IPNAs after the House of Lords gives the Government a bloody nose.

We look at the actual findings of the Mark Duggan inquest jury (as opposed to the claptrap spouted by many a public figure this week).

We take a look through the hits and misses of the strike action (oops we used the S word) on 6th January and call out the scabs.  We can find many positives in this though.

Last but not least, Jonathan takes us on a tour of the recent decision on Gulshan in which the wheels get a bit wobbly when free-wheeling around article 8.

Links are below, folks.

Whilst we were off air:
- thanks to UKCLBP - and see their very good piece on the sentencing statistics that have been misreported everywhere. 

- IPNAs a no-no

- Mark Duggan inquest - jury’s actual conclusions

- Vote of no confidence in Law Soc management -

- 6th Jan 2014 - a partial success - sols hang heads in shame - says Bill Waddington (CLSA)

Immigration case
Full Case: Gulshan (Article 8 – new Rules – correct approach) [2013] UKUT 640 (IAC)


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