Friday, 16 August 2013

S09E04 - Sticky Fingers

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This week Ben,Kirstin and Jonathan are joined by the lovely Lyndon Harris, barrister, blogger and Banks on Sentencing editor.

Our discussion is all about imaginative approaches to theft offences.  First we look at Professor Andrew Ashworth's Howard League paper which suggests that Theft should not incur a prison sentence, then Lyndon gives broad support to the idea of giving shop-lifters food vouchers.  Jonathan Holt considers proposals for making Magistrates impose more custodial sentences and worries about the demise of more and more
Magistrates' courts in which to issue those sentences.

Finally we turn away from Criminal Law and look at two Immigration Law cases implimenting the ruling in Zambrano.

Update on the so-called “sexual predator” case

No Prison for Pilferers

Stoke reward shoplifters with food vouchers

Magistrates to get a power-up - but where will they use it?

MA and SM (Zambrano: EU children outside EU) Iran [2013] UKUT 00380 (IAC)


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