Friday, 25 July 2014

S13E05 - The VC Factor

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In a CBA vice-chair election special, we are joined by the two candidates, Mark Fenhalls QC and Paul Keleher QC.

There was no bloodshed in this head-to-head but we think you'll want to hear what both candidates have to say on the wide-ranging topics up for discussion.

We cover everything from "The Deal" to the future use of direct action; from how to stop the slide back into the Bar being for the white, male, middle-class to what the future holds for the Bar in light of the reviews.

We put some of your questions to the two candidates and ask about the very structure of the CBA.

If you are a CBA member, you'll probably want to listen to this in order to help you decide on how to use your vote.

If you are not a CBA member, you might still find this little chat illuminating as to what is the sights of those who will serve initially under Tony Cross QC.

For more information on the candidates and the CBA, please visit their website right here.

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