Thursday, 17 October 2013

S10E01 - It's Not Fair!

Episode one of series 10, eh?

Well life's not fair but at least you can listen here and know that your glass half empty view of the world is actually fully justifiable.

First up on the it's not fair index is having to spend forever behind bars because you can't afford to pay the ever increasing interest payments of the loan shark government.  Ben looks at unforeseen consequences of POCA legislation as discussed in the case of R v Gibson.

Then Kirstin looks at the guidelines for prosecutors of child sex abuse cases, holding her head in her hands for the most part that the prosecution need guidelines to tell them to do what they should already be doing. (Although there are some creditable bits too).

Jonathan joins us to hold his head in his hands about IPNAs and CBOs - You'll just have to listen if you don't know what these are but be afraid.

We recognise there are new offences of subletting a council house - more next week perhaps.

And finally, we salute His Honour Justice Holman and Bar Council Chairman Maura McGowan for telling it like it is.  You can read along with us here and here.


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