Sunday, 20 January 2013

Series 7 Episode 1 - Catch up!

This week (in our new home)Kirstin thinks it's mainly about the money whilst Ben's not so sure.

Or "Through Gritted Teeth". Happy New Year to all our listeners and followers.
Ben and Kirstin look at 3 cases and a planned change to statute that were all determined with great reluctance.
First up is a very depressing costs case - the CPS have everywhere to hide now it seems.
Then our regular contributor, Jonathan Holt, takes through a European case regarding Religious rights.
The final case is an important one regarding the Consumer Regulations Act 2008 and we end, not uncommonly, by suggesting the Dear Home Sec might want to mug up on the laws available to her before making comment. 
 Find the episode here.
British Airways wearing cross case and others

NB:- this is a duplicate of this episode from our old feed at Podomatic.  We are in the process of transferring hosts.  Please be patient.


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